HPC-Smart Infrastructures: A Review and Outlook on Performance Analysis Methods and Tools


High-performance computing (HPC) plays a key role in driving innovations in health, economics, energy, transport, networks, and other smart-society infrastructures. HPC enables large-scale simulations and processing of big data related to smart societies to optimize their services. Driving high efficiency from shared-memory and distributed HPC systems have always been challenging; it has become essential as we move towards the exascale computing era. Therefore, the evaluation, analysis, and optimization of HPC applications and systems to improve HPC performance on various platforms are of paramount importance. This paper reviews the performance analysis tools and techniques for HPC applications and systems. Common HPC applications used by the researchers and HPC benchmarking suites are discussed. A qualitative comparison of various tools used for the performance analysis of HPC applications is provided. Conclusions are drawn with future research directions.

Smart Infrastructure and Applications: Foundations for Smarter Cities and Societies